LED Lights - Indoor and Outdoor

LED lights are the top home lighting choice due to low energy usage, low heat output, and longevity! LED is also easy to install, saves a lot on electricity bills, is nearly maintenance-free and super safe (no toxins such as mercury). 

  • LED lights use 80% less power and reduce energy bills by 80% to 90%.

  • Payback period is less than 2 years, while LED can work for over 25 years with average use.

  • LED lighting comes in a variety of sizes, colours, brightness, and styles.


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LED Down Light Kits, LED Lighting for the Home

Premium LED downlights are the most popular choice for high-end home fit-outs. Premium LED chipsets give higher quality light and colour reproduction, plus more than 50,000 hours use. LED down light kits have larger heatsinks that effectively dissipate heat, keeping the LED chip cool and ensuring maximum life. Australian transformers are compatible with the latest dimmers, ready to plug into a socket or hard-wire. Superior LED lights come with glass lenses, full metal body, and may be installed in homes with sloped ceilings.

Bathroom Lights, Kitchen Lighting, and LED Garden Lights

Renovator Store has a wide range of premium LED lights to illuminate every corner of your house, from the bathroom to the kitchen and the garden. Lighting efficiency and style come from the top brands, including Philips, Sharp, Citizen, Limelight, and Samsung. Install these energy-efficient lights in your home and save on your electricity bill compared to halogen or incandescent bulbs. Enjoy long warm summer nights with your garden landscapes and outdoor living space using these LED lights.

LED Globes, LED Light Fittings, and Vintage LED Lights

We have an array of LED Globes, down light kits, to brighten your home, lower your electricity bill, and decrease the heat from your home lighting. LED lighting for the home is very safe, with a low operating temperature. These LED lights will last for around 25 years of normal usage, with a payback period of below two years. Vintage LED lights recreate that vintage retro light bulb look, and can match your mood with clear glass or smoked glass bulbs, which are all dimmable.

Buy LED Lights and Wall Lights at Online Lighting Store

You can shop LED lights for your home at Renovator Store, whether LED garden lights or LED outdoor lights. Wall lights are also available if you want to improve the presentation of your pathways, hallways, and stairways. These soft low lights highlight your path, keeping your family safe even on dark nights.



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