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Store Credit Terms and Conditions

Renovator Store Pty Ltd ("we", "us", or "Renovator Store") issues or sells Store Credit (hereinafter referred to as "Credit").  The person or entity that is issued the Credit is the customer of Renovator Store ("Customer") and is the purchaser ("Purchaser") of any goods or services purchased using the credit. This form of Credit can be used as a currency to make purchases on Renovator Store's website, (the "Website"), or directly through Renovatro Store authorised personnel.

Issue of Credit

When issued the Credit will be provided with a secret and unique code.  This code is required much like a pin code to access and utilise a Credit balance.  You should ensure your code is kept secret and you treat it like cash as it provides access to the Credit balance.

Using your Credit

Your Credit balance can be redeemed for goods and services from Renovator Store's website, or can be used for purchases made directly with Renovator Store over the phone and at events.  The use of the Credit is subject to the availability of goods and at all times to the Purchase Terms of Renovator Store.

Where the balance of the price goods and services being purchased is greater than the balance of the Credit being applied you must complete payment of the outstanding amount exceeding the Credit balance applied by an alternative payment method before the order can be processed.

Once your Credit balance has been exhausted it cannot be re-activated.

Accessing your Credit balance

You can retrieve the balance of your Credit at any time by logging into Renovator Store and going to the My Account page and entering your secret code or contacting Renovator Store Customer Service.  You can also view the history of orders for your account.

Refunding Credit

Where your Credit was provided through a third party credit provider you can request to be refunded unused Credit by contacting Renovator Store.  Renovator Store will reduce the Credit balance and amount owing to the third party credit provider by transferring your requested refund amount directly to the Credit provider less an administration fee (inclusive of GST) of 10% of the requested refund amount (subject to a minimum of $25.00).  This transfer may take up to five business days to be effected.

Resale of Credit

Re-sale or transfer of Credit is strictly prohibited, except with prior written consent from Renovator Store.  Unauthorised resold Credit will be cancelled.

Increasing the balance of Credit

In certain circumstances you may be approved to increase the Credit balance.  Renovator Store may choose to increase the balance of the Credit or issue you a new Credit voucher code.

Expiry of Credit

Unused Credit will automatically expire after 365 days from the issue date.   You can request expired Credit to be reinstated by contacting Renovator Store.

Lost or Stolen Credit secret code

It is important you treat your Credit secret code like cash.  If you lose or forget your Credit secret code, or believe it may have been stolen or used by another party then please contact Renovator Store immediately.   However, Renovator Store has no obligation to replace or refund value lost due to lost or unauthorised use of Credit except where we have breached any condition or warranty implied under consumer protection legislation that cannot be excluded in these terms and conditions (for example warranties as to the exercise of due care and skill in providing services and as to fitness for purpose of materials we provide).

We reserve the right to place a stop on Credit if: (a) You report that your Credit secret code has been lost or stolen or deleted; (b) We believe (or reasonably suspect) that you have used (or will use) your Credit to these terms and conditions; or (c) We have identified an error in regards to the available balance of your Credit.


You are responsible for the use and safety of your Credit, and are liable for all transactions made using your Credit.

To the extent permitted by law, we are not liable to you for any loss or damage (whether direct, indirect, consequential or special) either in negligence, other tort, breach of contract, breach of warranty or for any other reason or cause whatsoever, arising out of or in connection with your Credit, these terms and conditions or your use of the Website, including any loss or corruption of data, interference with or damage to your computer or any interruption, delay or failure in the Website.

Where consumer protection legislation implies any condition or warranty that cannot be excluded in these terms and conditions, we limit our liability for breach of any such implied conditions or warranties to re-supply of the services (or costs thereof). Any liability we have to you will be reduced by the extent (if any) to which you caused or contributed to the loss or damage.

This Liability section will apply even after this agreement has ended.

Errors and complaints

You acknowledge that Renovator Store has the right to rectify any errors or unintentional consequences associated with your Credit or the use of it.  If you have questions or if you wish to make a complaint about your Credit, please visit or contact the the Renovator Store Service Team or email us using the Contact Us section of the Website (

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