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Terms and Conditions - Refer a Customer

REFER A CUSTOMER Program Terms and Conditions

A. Business Members (Referrers)

1. As soon as a business account is activated it can be used to refer a customer via the "Refer A Customer" link.

2. Whenever a referred customer makes a purchase, the Referrer business account will be credited a referral reward equal to 10% of the customer’s purchase (not including any discounts).

Example: A $200 purchase will give the Referrer's business account a $20 store credit.

3. Referral rewards will only be earned on the 1st three purchases of the referred customer.

4. The referral reward acts as store credit which can be used immediately or in the future.

5. When a Business Member makes a purchase on the website and they are logged in, their entire Store Credit balance will be applied to the finalised checkout balance.  Therefore it is important to utilise all the balance as it will revert to zero after the purchase.   The Store Credit cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion or discount.

6.  The store credit cannot be applied to GST.  Any GST will still be payable by the Business Member on checkout

7. When referral commissions are used with promo codes, store credit will not be used. Store credit will be retained and will be available on the next purchase.


B. Referred Customers

1. As soon as a genuine new customer account is created via the "Refer a Customer" link, it will get a 10% signup discount on its first purchase.

2. When 10% signup discounts are used with promo codes, the promo codes will be used. The 10% signup discount will not be retained i.e. the customer will lose the Refer a Customer 10% discount.


These terms may change at any time

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